The infamous, heavy couch
Our "new" used couch. May we rest in peace.

Our Epic Couch Adventure

Monday July 6, 2015

Tonight Mattie and I brought a couch home all by ourselves. Well, we did have some help from Mom and Dad but we got most of the way by ourselves. Here is how it happened.

We have a couch that is falling apart and needs to go. Badly. Today we saw a clean looking couch on the curb of our road. We decided to walk down there this evening and get a look at it. It seemed pretty clean with a couple of scratched spots on it. (We're assuming a cat, maybe?) Anyway, we thought it would be a good replacement for what we've got right now. So we walked back to the house and got a furniture dolly out of the van. Then we hefted up one side of the couch and put the dolly underneath.

Oh wait! I forgot to say that before we did all this I tried calling Mom and Dad to see if they could help us get the couch. I got no answer.

So Mattie and I push/dragged the couch down three fourths of the road. Then the phone rang. As soon as she heard it, Mattie dramatically fell onto the sidewalk and proclaimed herself dead and unable to pull any more. It was a good thing that Mom was on the other end of the line. I explained the situation and she and Dad came right over with another furniture dolly.

While we waited, Mattie and I sat on the couch and drank ice water. (I sent Mattie back for the water as soon as Mom said they'd come.) We agreed it was a comfy couch and we were happy to get it.

Well, Mom and Dad showed up but Dad couldn't help lift since he had his chemo port pulled out today. So he gave engineering tips while Mom, Mattie and I maneuvered the couch into the Library. It will sit there until the boys are back from Scout Camp. Then we will get some help to move the old couch out and put this one in place.